Why choose Hinzmann Consulting ?

Why choose Us?

Our executive search team is in daily contact with key decision makers of leading companies in our industry. We'll act as your "Career Agent" marketing you to the people who are looking for your skills and talents. This puts you in a better position to negotiate. We want our candidates to elevate their careers, so we coach them and we facilitate their relationship with high profile global companies.

We support you with:

Industry Knowledge & Expertise

We literally have hundreds of conversations with the decision makers of many companies every day. But we focus on certain industries where we can have the most impact and provide the greatest value. This means that we will be better able to guide you to the best opportunity.

Personal assessment

We conduct a personal assessment with you and develop an overview of your personal drivers and motivations.

Resume assistance / Interview coaching

We provide you with key information for your resume and interviews including background on companies, the hiring authorities and what they are really looking for during the interview. You don't have to do this alone.


Are you being paid what you're worth? We know what the fair market value is and what you can expect or request.


We are not a job board where employers can indiscriminately sift through resumes. We are very respectful of your confidentiality and will not release it unless you want us to.